SONY DSCWelcome to Rainy Days & Sundays, my blog about food for lazy days. I’ve been blogging over at Gluten Free[k] for a few years and writing a gluten free column for Domestic Sluttery this past year, but I wanted more! I’m here to share my relaxed cooking ethos and to take the stress out of cooking. There won’t be too many precise measurements, or exact cooking times, just lots of tasty meals to share with friends and family. I tend to cook food that’s naturally gluten free, but I’ll always let you know if you need to use a GF substitute when I don’t (I’m the only Coeliac in the village – household – after all).


Nothing ruins a meal like a stressed out cook, so chill out, take a breath and dive into some thoroughly non-traumatic food that’s sure to please. Food that brings joy to all just doesn’t contain sweat and/or tears, so I’m here to offer you ideas for those days when cooking up a storm just won’t do.


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