Day in the Life


As part of Rosalilium‘s Blog Every Day in May, we are sharing a day in the life. At the risk of sounding like I’m a complete pig, Fridays are very food centred days in my house (more so than the other days). It’s a day off work for me, so I tend to indulge in baking and cooking, as well as posting my gluten free column on Domestic Sluttery. I’d love to say I jump out of bed at 7am, ready to face the day, I don’t. Instead, I drag myself out of bed around 8.30 and I’m useless until I have my first cup of tea. Once caffeine and brain have mingled, I’m ready to write my DS post. I aim to test my recipes at least twice before I write them up so, unless I’m very organised, I tend to have to do this on a Friday morning. Today, the recipe was corn tortillas. They’re such a lifeline for a gluten free person like me and I tend to use them for quesadillas whenever I can’t think of anything more inventive for lunch. While I doubt a cheddar and tomato quesadilla counts as authentically Mexican, I’d eat them until they were coming out my ears! Corn tortillas are also pretty awesome just brushed with oil and baked to make crispy taco shells, or slice them up and make your own tortilla chips.

Corn tortillas

Column done, I spent some time on Facebook. A friend posted a photograph of the beach we went on holiday to fifteen years ago, causing us to reminisce about our younger, more carefree days. I added the finishing touches to a piece of work I needed to submit before lunch.

Lunch - Pho

Lunch was a poached chicken, rice noodle, pho-type dish that used up the rest of the red onion and coriander I chopped to style my corn tortilla photos earlier on. Rice noodles are my quick-and-easy standby for lunch and since I had some chicken stock on the stove, pho was an obivious choice.


The rest of the day was spent planning meals for an imminent holiday for sixteen of us. For times like this, the Leith’s Techniques Bible has a brilliant catering guide that makes working out quantities for feeding large group a piece of cake. I love planning what to cook as much I enjoy actually cooking it, so this afternoon was a real treat!

That was my day, how was yours?


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