Five Fave Blogs

Trying to choose just five blogs to label as ‘favourite’ is quite a task, there are so many brilliant blogs out there! My top five list changes from week to week and, quite honestly, it’s more like a top thirty. The five I’ve picked here are more of a snapshot of the kind of blogs I enjoy to read.


Canelle et Vanille: This beautifully photographed blog reads like poetry and leaves me inspired to cook simple fresh food. It make make me wistful for such a romantically photogenic life, but with recipes like this one for rhubarb and strawberry tartlets, I’ll always return for more.

Rocket & Squash: Thorough restaurant reviews, stylish recipes and so much more! This smart and witty blog is a must for anyone who loves food. The author of this blog left a career in law to pursue a professional chef’s qualification and work in the food industry, I’m inspired to follow in these footsteps someday. Read Edward’s account of the fast-track training he did at Westminster Kingsway College.

Jenn Cuisine: Jenn Oliver approaches food as a scientist, so her gluten free recipes are a wonderful mix of flavour and alchemy. Photographer Jenn’s blog is filled with gorgeous photos of her food that you will want to make for yourself. She’s even tried to reclaim the word ‘foodie’ from the elitists!

Fruit is Not a Pudding: Founded by Carly as a way to name and shame restaurants, hotels and airline that believe fruit salad to be an appropriate ‘free from’ dessert, FINAP also celebrates those who go the extra mile to serve delicious, naturally GF puddings. Try one of the excellent recipes posted by Carly and her guests, or shake your head in disbelief at the shoddy efforts of British Airways’ catering department!

Real Epicurean: Seasonal food from an excellent home cook. These are impressive recipes that don’t intimidate you out of giving them a go. Try the succulent Honey Mustard Roast Ham.

These are my (predictably, food-related) pick of the blogs, I’d love to know what you’d recommend.


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